Get one for you, we will gift one to that person who feels like sunshine.


Add a splash of colour into your day with this playful scrunchie! The Spirit Scrunchie features delicate hand painted sunshine rays on a yellow/blush Irish Linen combination. This was made to perfectly match our new Lulu Robe!


When you purchase a Spirit Scrunchie, please leave a note with the name and address (along with a personal note if you wish) and we will pass another to you ‘Kindred Spirit’.


"Dear, sweet friend, we meet again. For surely we have met before? This feels all too familiar. A chorus of hallelujahs rise to greet us. For all of heaven must know that our souls are entwined, taut with destiny. Threads of us delicately woven throughout history. And though we do not know how, we sense it too, and our (kindred) spirits rise to the occasion. A crescendo of laughter, shared values, mutual understanding & rich, soul-deep connection. Surely we’ve known and been known by each other for a lifetime. As such, we forgo the usual formalities, throw caution to the wind and plunge into the depths of our humanity. There we find beauty and strength in the midst of our shared fragility, and the courage to rise again.” 

-Kirsty Hamilton


Made with 100% locally sourced Irish linen



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10% of your purchase goes to support people who's lives have been affected by human trafficking


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