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Embracing a New Chapter with Donegal Tweed

A Personal and Brand Evolution As I find myself on the cusp of my 30th birthday, reflection seems inevitable. Over the past three years, the ebb and flow of Kindred of Ireland have paralleled the journey of my own life, and it's been a beautiful time of learning, and growth. As its founder and creative director, every decision and design has been a fragment of my heart and soul, and in ways, a reflection of myself. Our brand is deeply rooted in Irish craftsmanship, a love that is the cornerstone of Kindred of Ireland. From the outset, our commitment to Irish linen has been unwavering, celebrating the heritage and the heart behind this exquisite fabric. And as I've matured both personally and professionally, the vision for Kindred of Ireland has naturally evolved. With immense excitement and pride, I introduce our newest endeavour: the iconic Donegal Tweed.

The Legacy of Donegal Tweed Delving deep into the fabric's lineage, Donegal Tweed hails from the rugged terrains and scenic beauty of County Donegal in Ireland. This fabric is steeped in centuries of tradition and history. Its unique flecks and nuances of colour are achieved through a special spinning process that beautifully captures the essence of the Irish landscape. The blues of the Atlantic, the greens of the lush fields, and the myriad of shades in between are all reminiscent of Donegal's breathtaking surroundings. Still handwoven by local craftsmen, every strand tells a tale of the artisans who have passed down their craft through countless generations. Beyond its visual beauty, what resonates deeply with me about Donegal Tweed is its embodiment of authentic Irish culture and heritage. It's a testament to the skill, dedication, and artistry of the Irish people. Incorporating Donegal Tweed into Kindred of Ireland harmoniously blends our deep-rooted love for heritage with a vision that's deeply contemporary.

Tradition with Modernity The decision to embrace Donegal Tweed is both a personal and brand evolution. As we've always done, we remain resolutely committed to sourcing locally, championing heritage, and celebrating the unparalleled craftsmanship that defines our offerings. It's a testament to the brand's and my own journey of maturation, embracing new avenues and narratives while staying unwaveringly true to our foundational ethos.

Below is an overview of our collection. Each piece has been meticulously designed to highlight the beauty, texture, and versatility of Donegal Tweed. The vibrant photos capture not just the fabric's essence but also the spirit of Kindred of Ireland—a blend of tradition and modernity. You can view the full collection here.

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