Founded in 2018, Kindred is a story of revival. A vision of breathing new life into the best parts of our Irish linen heritage. We take inspiration from a time of local craftsmanship and a desire to create pieces that will have a place in your every day.


At its peak, the linen industry employed 40 percent of the workforce in Northern Ireland. In communities throughout Ireland, linen was much more than a fabric. It was a symbol of pride. Proof that Ireland could compete with the world’s best when we engaged our ingenuity, skill and creativity. That lineage is part of our shared Irish story and a precious part of our textile heritage. Each garment we create is designed to honour the techniques of our ancestors​, celebrate inter-generational relationships and reimagine Irish linen for the everyday. Our timeless, considered clothing delicately bring the old and new together. Our clothing is made to last a lifetime, becoming heirlooms for your kindred.

At the heart of Kindred is an intrinsic desire to slow it down by taking time to be thoughtful in how we design and make. We treasure the process as much as the end product. Our sustainable approach places value on the individual which often gets lost in todays fast fashion culture. Building relationships with local manufacturers enables us to have confidence in our supply chain. We are proud to be a brand that places collaboration at our core. Working with like-minded people, we believe that positive change is possible. Partnering with local charity Flourish NI enables us to bring freedom through fashion with 10% of all sales going to support their work of supporting people affected by human trafficking.


Thank you for joining us.


We offer free shipping across the whole of the UK and Ireland on orders over £200


10% of your purchase goes to support people who's lives have been affected by human trafficking


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